Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Belgium is where you get the best fries
in the world.
In Belgium they have Chocolate, Fries, & Beer ...
If you’ve already tasted the belgian chocolate,
and the beer, you no doubt understand
quality, now is the time to complete the
triumvirate of taste and have your first foray into the true culture of fries. If you didn’t know, we actually get our American version of the French Fries from Belgium, the originator of such fine gourmet delicacies, sounds a little bit convoluted yet it is true.

Where else do you get 18 different kinds of dipping sauces too try.

Check it out, Google it. In fact after you tried the Belgian Fries, you will already know.

4614 Mission Blvd., San Diego Ca. Pacific Beach (858) 270-9900

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