Sunday, December 28, 2008

2000 Year old Cross in Texas

The Greater Grace Christian Coffee House has a wonderful environment to unwind and relax, one of the best patios in America. Come and see the 2,000 year old Cross. The old rugged cross on the property, situated on the patio offers a place of reflection, and time to meditate on the real life of Christ.The Cross is carbon dated 2,000 years, it's what known as a Sinker Cypress. Andy White the owner has an interesting story about the process and construction of the hand hewed cross. Seems a gentleman, name unknown to me at this writing, was commissioned had promised to construct a cross for Andy. As I believe he mentioned about six months are so later there was no word on the progress of the cross, so he just considered that it was a task not to be completed. Well all of a sudden, Andy finds out why it seemed to take so long, the artist had been laboring constantly when he had free time, diving along the Pearl river in Louisiana getting samples from many Cypress sinker logs. Not only did he search for a good piece he also would take a sample that he found and then have it carbon dated. Finally the friend finds the perfect specimen a Cypress sinker log that he meticulously had to towed in the water to get ashore, and then he began the arduous work to finish a hand hewed cross no nails or modern manufacturing. That presents another story, ask Andy while you having a great cup of coffee. Oh by the way that's another unusual and unique story, the one about his coffee roaster.

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