Thursday, April 21, 2011

Old Town Market Cafe San Diego CA

Old Town Market Cafe

Category: Food Coffee & Tea Coffee & Tea

4010 Twiggs St
(at San Diego Ave)
San Diego, CA 92110
Neighborhood: Old Town
Here what
Stephanie H. of San Diego, CA wrote

Old Town has long been one of my favorite spots to simply relax and stroll around on a beautiful day. There's nothing like strolling through the tangible history of our state's foundations amongst a notoriously haunted settlement. Of all the charms that Old Town has to offer, this little cafe is quite distinct on its own. The San Diego Old Town Market Cafe is located at the front of the SD Old Town Market, right in front of where the Trolley buses line up on Twiggs Street. Yep, this isn't so much a 'cafe' so to speak since it's actually this little hole in the wall coffee stand. But not so's way better than your average coffee stand or coffee shop. The lattes and the hot chocolate are yummy and they have deliciously large chocolate chip cookies as well that are made quite similarly to the heavenly ones served at Nordstrom cafe. The food here is of wonderful quality. That said, they do have sandwiches, but I have not tried them yet though. However, they are delivered from a company called The French Gourmet and as well, they looked really fresh and yum.Either way, this place deserves to be on the map and anyone planning a Trolley tour should think about loading up on food or sandwiches from this place. Local is where it's at!

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